With so many web design companies out there, and so many ‘build-it-yourself’ options… Why would you choose Triketi? Let’s find out…


We’re all different. Different needs, different expectations, different preferences and different tastes. That’s why we don’t operate a standard website design service with fixed price costing like many other companies out there. We believe in creating bespoke website solutions for our clients, and we do this by understanding your requirements and learning about your business. This also ensures we’re able to give you a fair, honest quotation for work (how can we give a cost to someone without really knowing what needs to be done!).


Our team are well versed in the latest web design technologies, techniques and trends (yes… we know what you’re thinking… geeks!). We use the most recent web standards to ensure functionality across all modern web browsers. We also offer you the option of making your website responsive – so no matter whether your customers are on their phone, tablet or computer, your site will still look beautiful and easy to navigate.


Everything we design and build is done with the end user in mind – the people that will be viewing and using your website. We’ve extensively studied and researched human-computer interaction principles and learnt about creating effective graphical user interfaces. Why? So that we can design solutions that will keep your customers engaged, glued to your website and wanting to come back for more!


 Here are a few other points worth knowing:

  • BORING BITS: There are some fundamentals you need in place before you can get your website up and running. You need a hosting area (somewhere to store all of your web pages), and a domain name (the www. address) – we’ll get this arranged for you at no extra cost!
  • EMAILS: Need email accounts setting up for you and your team? No problem, we can arrange that for you, again at no additional cost!
  • E-COMMERCE: We design and build full E-Commerce sited that will allow you to take you business online. You can manage your stock, take secure payment and interact with your customer throughout the process
  • WEBSITE EXPRESS: Need a website up and running quickly? We can get a site live and active within 24 hours!