Logo Design & Branding

Creating the right image for business is critical when trying to captivate you target audience. Our team of designers are specialists in delivering unique, distinctive and cutting edge designs, that will ensure your brand conveys the professionalism and quality its aiming to achieve.


We have worked with a range of clients in a number of different industries.. Here are a few examples to give you a flavour….

  • Train Hard – Win Easy – we worked with a husband and wife team, both qualified kick-boxing instuctors to create a personal logo which involved taking a picture of them in a fighting stance and using it to create a striking logo that was used on their website, clothing and advertising material. We had to get this one right in the fear of getting our butts kicked!


  • Ignite Your Senses – we worked with VaPrimo Ltd. to design their complete branding. It started with creation of their logo, and went on to design their entire product range! We also helped create all of their marketing material, email campaigns as well as a full e-commerce site.


  • SubLIME Coffee – we worked with the manager of Limes Café in our hometown of Bedford to generate a brand that would make the business stand out amongst the numerous coffee shops in the town centre (trust us, there are loads!). Our crisp, vibrant design, backed up with a simple, clear website have given the Limes team the recognition the deserve… as well as some air time in with the local press!